The simplest kind of emailing


If you ever do a registration on a forum, blog, service or something, you have to confirm your e-mail address. If you use a TrashMe e-mail for registration we will do the confirmation automaticly. As long as the mail is recieved on our server, we check if it's a confirmation mail and if yes - we click the link for your. No need to check your account, just start and experience the service you want.
But we can't prommise to fetch all mails - we are still in a learning period. We test this with some forums, but if you found a forum which didn't work please let us know and we will do some improvements for this. Thank you.

How to use mailing blacklist in the correct way

As a matter of principle should every user get the posibility to register easy and comfortable without the risk to show oneself naked and his email address became fair game for marketing and spam ... read more.